What are the bowls and lids made from? 

Our bowls and lids are made from a new generation of eco-friendly material, cornstarch.

Are the bowls and lids compostable?

Yes, they are. The decomposition time for the bowls and lids is the fastest among all the eco bowls available on the market. It takes about 20-30 days for the product to fully decompose (compare to bagasse that takes 90 days or simple plastic that takes centuries). By using our products you receive the best out of two worlds: the sturdiness and the most natural alternative to the regular plastic bowl. 

Are there 100 / 50 bowls total?

Yes, the one box includes a total of 100 / 50 bowls and 100 / 50 lids.

Does the lid leak?

It is leak proof but It can leak if the bowl is placed upside-down.

Can you re use these bowls?

They are definitely made for several usage. It will be a waste if you throw it after single use. They are so great that you can use several times or until damaged. if you want to use them for a long period of time, wash them by hand.

If I don’t finish my soup etc. and I want to store it in the fridge, how long before they break down and start to leak?

You can safely store your leftover food in our bowls in the fridge. The bowls and the lids are made out of the sturdy eco-friendly material, cornstarch. The bowls will definitely last until your leftover soup is still fresh and the bowl is not going to leak. Moreover, you can store the bowls in the freezer, they resist the temperature from -0.4 F. Hope that answers your question.

Can these bowls sit directly on ice in a cooler?

Yes, they can.